Headline findings from the BEST3 Trial

Professors Rebecca Fitzgerald and Peter Sasieni discuss how the Cytosponge came to be, the headline findings from the BEST3 Trial and the implications for oesophageal cancer screening.

Dr Nick Swart presents health economics analysis.
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Patient perspectives of the Cytosponge

BEST3 participant Liz Chipchase discusses her experience of the Cytosponge and the BEST3 Trial with GP Dr Thomas Round.

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Pathology and Artificial Intelligence in BEST3

Join Drs Maria O'Donovan, Marnix Jansen and Marcel Gehrung for an exploration of the pathology of BEST3 and diagnostic artificial intelligence.

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The GP perspective: what do the BEST3 trial results mean for GPs and other primary care staff?

Join Drs Fiona Walter and Richard Roope for an exploration of how the BEST3 Trial is the first step towards how the Cytosponge could be implemented in primary care, as well as discussion about how the doctors and nurses involved in the trial feel about the test.

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The research nurse perspective: The BEST3 research nurses discuss how they built and shared their Cytosponge procedure skills

Irene Debiram-Beecham is joined by five Clinical Research Network nurses to discuss their insights into coordinating a complex trial and training research and practice nurses to administer the Cytosponge procedure.

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